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Beginners Guide to Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Hold ‘em is a poker game that is quite popular.There are tournaments held all over the world, such as the World Series, Celebrity Poker, etc. and it is now watched on television.It is the simplest poker game to learn for the beginner.Every player plays a seven card hand if they stay until the end.The first two cards are dealt face down.The five remaining cards are dealt face up and are common to all of the players.The first three are turned up at one time and are called the Flop.The fourth card is called the Turn and the fifth is called the River.These are placed in front of the dealer in the appropriate spot on the layout on the poker table.

Out of these seven cards, the player makes the best five card poker hand.Ace is high card (unless used in a low straight), deuce is low card.The winning hand is the best five card combination.From high to low the winning combinations are given below:

Straight Flush consists of five cards in numerical order of the same suit. If the straight flush is ace high it is called a royal flush.A five – six – seven – eight – nine of hearts is a straight flush.A ten – jack – queen – king – ace of hearts is a royal flush.

Four of a Kind is four cards of the same numerical value, each having a different suit.

Full House consists of three of a kind and a pair.The suit is irrelevant.It is the numerical value of the cards that count here. If you have three fours and two kings, you have a full house.

Flush is five cards of the same suit.The numerical value of the high card determines the rank of the flush.If there are two flushes, one with an ace and the other with a ten, the ace high flush will win.

Straight is where there are five cards in sequential value regardless of suit.The high card determines the rank of the straight.If there are two straights, and one is seven – eight – nine- ten- jack and the other is two – three – four – five – six, the jack high straight will win.

Three of a Kind is where there are three cards having the same numerical value.

Two Pair is where there are two sets of two cards with the same numerical value.For example, one hand has two five and two sevens, the other hand has two kings, and two nine.The hand with the kings will win.

One Pair is where there are two cards have the same numerical value.

High Card is when a hand has none of the above combinations and the hand is determined by the highest card.

Every deal has to have an outcome or a winner and the winner is determined by the rankings of the combinations given above. High hand takes the pot.

The way the game is played is as follows.Each player begins with a certain number of chips.Before the deal, the two players to the left of the dealer, post the blinds.This means they put a certain number of chips into the pot. The first player must deposit half a bet, and the second player must post a whole bet.This is just an amount to create a pot.The chips are placed in the middle of the table where all best are placed.This takes the place of the Ante in the typical poker game.The dealer, called the Button, then deals two cards face down to every player.Every player can look at his two hole or pocket cards if they want to.They don’t have to look.This is followed by a round of betting, begun by the player to the left of the player who posted the second blind.If the player thinks he has a good hand, he bets and stays in.If he thinks his hand is not good, he can fold, or drop out.This is called the Pre-Flop round and the amount of the bet is determined by the house rules. If a player thinks he has a good hand, he can raise the bet.Players can bluff.This is when they act like they have a good hand trying to make the other players think they have a good hand.

When the betting has ended, the dealer will burn the top card. He then turns three cards face up on the table.This is the Flop, the first three cards of the five that will be common to every player.There is another round of betting that begins with the player to the left of the dealer.Again the players can call, fold or raise, depending on their preferences.When the betting ends, the dealer burns another top card, then turns up one card and places it next to the flop.This card is called the Turn and is followed by another round of betting.When the betting concludes, the dealer burns the top card and turn up the last card called the River, which is placed next to the Turn card.Another round of betting takes place.

Throughout this game, players are using all of the available cards to make the best poker hand.They have their two down cards, which nobody but they know, and the five common cards which they combine to make the best hand according to the above rankings.After the final round of betting, the players show their hands by turning up their two face down cards.The player with the best poker hand wins all of the chips in the pot. If there is a tie, the players split the chips in the pot.

In the end the player with the most chips is the winner.These are the basic mechanics of Texas Hold ‘em. The art and skill come in knowing how to read the players at the table and to know how and when to bluff.

Car DVD Entertainment System – A Quick Guide

The automotive industry is getting more ideas on how to pamper the passengers. One of the ways is to have a car DVD entertainment system installed. Such a system can really be a life saver to the driver. Why? Imagine, you’re headed across the country with your family to visit the in-laws in Omaha, and your kids are driving you nuts. A car DVD system allows you to pop in one of their favorite movies and have them entertained for hours while on the road.

Today’s auto market is becoming more and more diversified, with Hummers lining up next to Smart Cars and Geo Metros in dealer lots. Perhaps one of the things many people do when they bought a new vehicle is to customize it with gadgets and accessories. Bored spouses and kids make car DVD systems one of the hottest new upgrades on the automotive consumer market.

There are two main types of in car DVD systems: portable and in-dash. Portable systems, though not as sleek or worry-free as the in-dash systems, are considerably cheaper and more versatile. They are usually powered by your car’s 12-volt power adapter but can be converted to run from your home’s power supply, allowing you to take the DVD player and monitor into your in-laws house when your happy family arrives.

In-dash car DVD systems are hardwired into your vehicle’s entertainment system. They display movies either on a screen in the center-console, on a screen that descends from the roof of the vehicle, or on a screen which flips up from the dashboard. Though these systems aren’t portable outside the vehicle, once installed they don’t require any extra cords or setup: you can load in your movies and drive away. Screens located either on the center console or which flip up from the dashboard can double as displays for in-car GPS or navigation software, but they can be distracting to drivers. The flip-down screens avoid driver distraction, but they are usually only convenient for back-seat viewing, leaving a front seat passenger to count license plates or play I-Spy with the driver.

In car DVD systems are perhaps the biggest boon to the long family road trip since Car Bingo, and as the technology improves you can expect the systems to get smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Though portable systems are still the choice for families on the go since they require no expensive installation or conversion, more and more auto manufacturers have plans to include built-in systems in their vehicles, especially upscale and family autos.

Trust me; it will be tough to find a driver for your next road trip. The entire family wants to be stretched out in the back seat watching a movie.

A Student?s Guide to Getting Part Time Jobs/student Jobs When at University or College

What is a student’s biggest worry, other than passing their degree? Well ask most students this and I’ll bet the majority of them will say that money is their biggest worry as a student. So as a student, what do you do about this? Turn into an alcoholic… well some might I suppose, but most students will try to find part time jobs, student jobs or even summer jobs to give them that extra bit of income that they need.

So in light of these thoughts, I decided to go and investigate what it is like, how easy it is, how difficult it is for a student to get a part time job. As a young person myself I know plenty of students who have had part time jobs in Leeds, part time jobs in Cumbria, part time jobs in Newcastle and many other places, so I had plenty of research subjects to prey on.

My first port of call was to go on a night out with some of the Northumbria University student jobseekers, which basically translates as a night out where you hardly spend a penny. I’d had plenty of previous experience in this field, but when you are out with a purpose to learn things you never knew about a lifestyle that you are so used to and involved in, it felt pretty different. On my first bit of prey, I dropped into a conversation the question ‘How do you cope for money when you’re in full time education, have rent and bills to pay and more things like nights out and food?’ The response I got wasn’t what I expected, they simply said they don’t cope at times, they have their student loans and they get a weekly allowance from their parents, but it’s still not enough.

By pure coincidence, the next thing I knew I was standing at a bar on Newcastle quayside chatting to a person who was trying to recruit students to take up holiday jobs which can lead to graduate jobs. I wasn’t drunk at this time, so yes it was a real funny coincidence. This person was talking about how it’s so difficult to recruit uni students due to their already hectic schedules. I then actually introduced one of my student friends to this person and to my ultimate satisfaction, I found that less than a couple of hours into this night out, I’d already got one of my friends a part time student job.

We then proceeded to a strange little establishment that I can only best describe as, well… a strange little establishment. I never even knew this place existed, yet there I was partying on down on a dance floor with a man with a withered arm and a woman on what appeared to be a dog lead – they were doing this strange hop along dance move. It was good entertainment to be fair and it seemed to have all the students’ enthusiasm and attention, so it was all good fun. Well in this strange little establishment I started talking to the woman who to my astonishment actually was on a dog lead (fashion accessory i guess), and she was saying about her daughter who had went off to Uni in Leeds and had managed to find part time jobs in Leeds that were relevant to her course which ironically was fashion. This gave me food for thought indeed, so the night went from strength to strength and then before i knew it i was being told it was time to call it a night. So as we all slumped back home in the bright light of the early morning with professionals on their way to work looking at us as if we were some sort of unique and wild species, all I could think about was what could be done to give students a better chance of finding student jobs, holiday jobs, summer jobs, and part time jobs.

The next morning, or should I say afternoon, I went online and started searching for a service that could help with what I am trying to find. Then after a few minutes of browsing I came across a website called, whose motto was ‘Discover new jobs to fit in with your student life’ BINGO! I’d found what I was looking for, a very colourful and artistic little corner of the internet which was dedicated to helping students within the UK to find part time jobs, summer jobs and even graduate jobs. So I would suggest that if you’re a student reading this, give a go because not only is it an ideal service, the help and support from their support team is second to none.


By Ben Little ©

Baby Shower Guide for the First Time Parents

One thing when the uncoming baby is to hare the joy of the parents for their baby and hold baby showers. There has a lot of questions that would bug for first time parents when  it comes to the proper way of handling the said event. Some question like what to do during the event need is the popular question in their minds.

The good day to be delighted in coming from an infant is any time for as long as it is close to the date of the design. Some parents, however, arrange it after the birth, helping the invited parts bring the most suitable gifts particularly because the sex of the newborn is now known.

The hostess should first ask the input of the couple when planning the exact date as well as find out at which time will be convenient for the guests. You ensure that there gained ‘t are many conflicts of program and that the most important people will be able to attend the meeting. This also endeavours to the supply the list of people to be invited to the event known as.

It remain so much of things to think approximately during the stages of planning. Sometimes, a topic should be selected to make him the recreation for each one and to facilitate it for people behind the blow. For example, the selected hearth is a treat, because the parents are Hawaii, which can mean that decorations, a food of Luau, etc are automatically Hawaiian inspired. Not to have a reason can particularly cause confusion while deciding on which decorations to put to the top, which meals to be been useful, and much more.

This events are not be complete if no games to play. Some games include Baby Bingo and  Guess the Gerber’s. Actually, this kind of celebration is in the opening of the presents, aside from socializing with the expecting mothers and their husbands. It can be an good idea so that the planner of part proposes a recording which people can consult while making of shopping for the finger.

Hence, the baby showers will not only serve as a welcome to the babe, but also help prepare the married couple in their journey to parenthood.

If you are surely to have a great health care to your babies, be sure to have a deep reading on taking care of your baby at home. Till then

A Newbie’s Guide to Buying Quality Poker Chips

Let me start off by saying that there are (3) main types of Poker Chips available, Plastic, Clay and Ceramic.

 Low end (dollar store) Plastic are the least expensive chips and can be found at most grocery stores or “dollar” stores. They are very low in weight and are made solely of cheap plastic. Needless to say, these type chips are not very durable and are not recommended.
ABS Plastic (high impact strength plastic) are made with a higher end ABS type plastic. Most of the time ABS Plastic Chips will be manufactured with a metal inlay, this adds to the weight and “real feel” of the chips. The use of this material allows for a more defined design than Clay Composite’s. They are very durable and will outlast most Clay Composite’s due to the strength of the ABS plastic. Plastic chips make a “ding” type sound when thrown into the “pot”.
NexGen Plastic: This specialized manufacturing process makes these chips feel very close to a Clay Composite Chip. NexGen Chips have a softer, duller surface and stack very well. Dollar for dollar you cannot beat the value of the NexGen line for longevity and durability.
Clay (clay composite): There are really no 100% clay chips, they are made of a Clay Composite. If they were 100% clay, they would crack and break constantly. If a chip is 5% Clay, the manufacturer can still say they are clay. With that said, there are many grades of Clay Composite’s and a wide price range. The best Clay Composite Chips are manufactured using “compression molding” instead of “injection molding”. An example of “compression molded” chips are Paulson, they are Casino Quality and are the best available chips for the home gaming market. Clay Composite chips make a “thud” type sound when thrown into the “pot”.
Ceramic: These type chips are not 100% ceramic, they are mixed with a polymer to give them added strength. A very important factor to remember about the ceramic chips is that the image is embedded below the surface of the chip and will never fade or peel off. Ceramic Chips have a textured surface and stack very well.

There are also a number of different chip weights (measured in grams). There is a misconception that chip weight is a direct reflection of the chip quality, this is totally untrue. Chip weight is only a matter of preference.

I hope this guide has helped you gain a better understanding of the various Poker Chip types that are available and will assist you in making a better decision when choosing your Poker Chips.

Your Guide to Using Online Training Software

Looking for a job is like climbing a very steep mountain. People who have finished a degree find it difficult to land a job. This is also true to those who have only finished elementary and secondary education. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the overall unemployment rate currently stands at 7.2 percent. This is 15-year high as far as records are concerned. There is a risk that the percentage will increase since there are job lay offs due to the current economic recession. Many Americans file for unemployment benefits from their government. People ask if this situation will become better or worse every day. Others opt to take another course or to continue their studies to have a better chance of being employed. It had been a custom that when one studies, he or she must enroll and report to school regularly. Here is a good news. You can study using online training software.

Yes, you can study without enclosing yourself in a classroom. That is one of the good sides of our modern world. With the advent of internet, teaching learning resources are available online. These resources are available and these cost only a minimal amount. If you will compute how much you spend every semester to a college or university where you are enrolled including fare and food allowance, you can actually save if you only purchase a software and study in your house.

Software for learning may have other terms like online training software or learning system software. Whatever the term is, this software is created to help people. Imagine the convenience it will cause you. You can be trained wherever you are and whenever you want to. If you already have a job, you don’t have to quit just for you to study. What you actually need is only a computer with an internet connection. Bingo! The internet opens doors which you have not even imagined that they have existed or are still existing.

Because many sites offer an online learning software, being an amateur in the internet world, you need proper guidance. Mind you, not all sites are really reliable. There are those which only take advantage for they are only after of profit or of toying people. Learning system software like that which is offered by GoldMail is definitely not created for wrong motives. This software is designed to help people learn, strengthen relationships, and many more.

Like any other lessons, you have to know that an online learning software, will not work without you. If you want to learn, here are some tips for you to follow: Decide when and for how long will you study within a day.

Be specific. Determine what are the things that you wish to learn and make a time frame which you must follow. Don’t waste the time that you have. Maximize each session for you to learn more.

The above-mentioned tips have been tried and tested by persons who were like you before. They find those not only worth pondering but also effective.

Casino Games Online – Guide for New Players

Are you a new player on the scene looking to make some money on the Internet by joining online Casinos? If you are, then be forewarned – the odds are against you if you have very little knowledge about the industry. Here are some quick tips and hints that may help you get started quickly.

Read casino reviews.

Always read casino reviews to find out more about the online site that you are dealing with. Different sites use different software and have different payment regulations. Make sure that you join one that you are comfortable with because lots of money will be handled on your behalf on the site. The software has to be reliable enough to track all winnings and losses accurately.

Also, you want to pick a casino that has all your favorite games. If an online game site has a lack of games, you may find yourself having to join one site to play a game, then log off to go to another site to play another game. Usually, most of the popular games like Black Jack, Poker, Bingo and Baccarat will be available. You just have to make sure by reading the reviews.

Take advantage of bonuses.

Online casinos are always trying to attract new players by offering attractive sign up bonuses. Usually, they will match your initial deposit with a certain amount of money. For instance, your account may be credited with $100 bonus as soon as you deposit at least $100 into your account. The deposit is required to ensure that you are a serious player. Otherwise, the casino will just be handing out free money.

In some rare instances, you will find no deposit casino bonuses. These are casinos that are willing to take the risk in exchange for a good customer. In this case, you don’t have to deposit anything. All you have to do is to sign up, enter your payment details, and the bonus will be credited to your account.

It is wise to make full use of free bonuses because as a new player in town, you need some time to get used to the software and games. The free money will allow you to minimize any kind of risk that you face in the first few games that you try out. If you lose, you just lose the bonus amount. But if you win, you get to keep the winnings.

Improving your gaming skills.

Many games offered by online casinos seem easy at a glance. But certain games, especially card games like Poker, requires a certain level of skill. If you have zero experience in a game, but you would like to try out a game, be sure to spend some time reading up on some hints and tips. Pick up some new strategies and then try them out in games that do not require you to bet with real money.

In other words, try to simulate the result by playing with fake money. That way, even if you lose, you are not losing real cash. Such games can expose the pitfalls and warn you about the mistakes that you should be looking out for. Only when you are confident with the game should you go all out to play with real cash in online casinos.

Holiday Party Planning-Your Guide to the Ultimate Holiday Celebration

The holidays are meant to be grand times for family and friends to express their love and appreciation for one another. However true this may be, one fact definitely remains and that is the stress is brings to whoever is hosting the holiday bash. This can be remedied if you institute your holiday party planning effectively. Within this article you will learn how.

A great thing about throwing a holiday party is you usually know everyone who is coming fairly well. If not, then you know someone who does. So when the time comes to do your grocery shopping you can pick out that bottle of wine that you know so and so likes and that special snack for your young relative. It would be nice if you could do this for everyone, but that would be unrealistic. Holiday parties can be expensive, especially when it comes to the food, so pick one or two of your favorites and go that extra mile. Also, when it comes time to prepare the food, see if you can get some help. Don’t be bashful about asking your friends and family to bring some dessert or one of their great appetizer dishes. The less time you spend in the kitchen the more time you have to prepare for the other aspects of your party. Do your holiday party planning smartly by not trying to do too much. This leads to stress and this is what we are trying to avoid.

Another thing to keep in mind when preparing for that special holiday party is decorations. You may want to decide on a specific color theme. It will make things easier when it comes time to purchase napkins or anything else you want to dress the table up with. Flowers are also a great idea. They add that special burst of life and beauty to any table and you can match them up with almost any color theme.

A great way to add a twist to any holiday is by changing things up. Do you want your party to be just like everyone else’s or do you want it to be remembered? This is the way to do that. On Thanksgiving for instance, it is not written in any rule book that turkey must be served. You can always cook up your best dish that you know everyone will love. Going traditional is fine, but try and add a wrinkle or two. Appetizers are an excellent way to create a change from last year’s nuts and chips. If you do something different here your guests will surely appreciate the tasty snack by quickly devouring it.

So what do you want to do to keep your guests entertained throughout the party? Of course football works well on certain holidays, but not all. You may want to do something for the kids, or the adults or both. When it comes to the children it is always a good idea to have some board games, cards, puzzles or video games on hand. This will surely keep them entertained. The adult crowd can prove much more difficult. One way to keep them from craving to leave is to institute some sort of drinking game. I’m not saying to get your relatives drunk, although this may work at certain family functions, but it’s probably not a good idea with the children lurking about. A taste testing type of game is what might prove fun. Have your guests create their best drink and see if they can be outdone. If drinking is out, then you may want to have some bingo cards handy and a deck of cards. A card game is a good way to bring everyone together. So if the conversation is lacking, you don’t leave the entertaining to the TV. There are many other things you can do, you just have to get creative.

Holidays are meant to be fun, so to fully enjoy the job as host make sure you do all your shopping ahead of time and create dishes that can be easily reheated. You don’t want to have to do too much on the day of the party. Of course large dishes will need to be cooked on that special date, but appetizers and desserts should be prepared on the day before or possibly sooner.

A great host is a happy host. I hope some of the ideas mentioned here will eliminate some of the stress involved in creating the greatest holiday celebration you possibly can for everyone you care so dearly about. Have a great time.

Choosing Wedding Shower Invitations – Your How To Guide

Forget stodgy ceremonies and stiff etiquette. Wedding showers are a fun way to help a bride prepare for married life. Whether you’re planning a formal party presided over by the dignified Great-aunt Hazel or a casual soiree with a group of sorority sisters, wedding shower invitations are a great way to give fellow partiers a sneak preview of the festivities.

While choosing wedding shower invitations is not as nerve-wracking as picking wedding invitations, you still want to create a great impression for the event. Perhaps the most important part of your job will be to set the overall tone by choosing the right style of invitations.

Casual with class

Will it be a backyard barbecue that includes the guys as well as the girls? Will guest be playing games like bridal bingo? Will the bride be embarassed at least once during the shower (all in good taste, of course). Let guests know what’s in store for them by sending invites that say, “We’re going to have a great time.”

Designs – Die-cut papers are one fun way to invite guests to the event. Invitation paper shaped like a heart or an umbrella are casual and unique attention getters. If the bride and groom will celebrate their nuptials at a dream destination, consider using an invite printed to look like a U.S. passport. Online printers who specialize in wedding invitations offer a wide variety of shower-appropriate stationery pieces.

Colors – Just say “no” to white or ivory papers in favor of bold colors or flirty patterns. Consider matching the paper to the bride’s personality. Use paper textured like soft sand for a beach baby or leopard-print borders for an animal lover.

Delivery – Mailing wedding shower invitations is the tried, true, and etiquette-approved method of inviting guests. However, there are other options. More and more wedding shower planners are using email to notify guests of the upcoming event. Even the masters of manners at the Emily Post Institute give the go-ahead for sending wedding shower invitations by email–especially if the guests are wired. Remember, don’t leave out non-techie guests. Send a handwritten note or personally invite them to join the festivities.

Fuss-free formal

Even if the wedding shower features elderly relatives, catered meals, and elaborate table settings, you’re not locked in to ultra-fussy invites–leave that for the wedding invitations.

Designs – Formal elegance is easy if you stick to simple styles. Raised panels and colored borders can add dimension to your wedding shower invitations. Fonts with a calligraphy-style look also add a classy touch to your invites. Find the widest selection of designs from online specialists who sell wedding invitations.

Colors – Keep it simple with classic ivories, whites, or other neutrals. Dress up the wedding shower invitations by adding hints of color to the borders or fonts.

Delivery – Like wedding invitations, sending shower invites through the mail is favored by etiquette experts. While you could send electronic wedding shower invitations to save money, it will sacrifice some of the event’s formality.