How to Avoid Online Poker Sharks

Online poker is accessible to players of all abilities. You can even join in if you are a complete beginner as there are free poker play training rooms for you to use. However when you first enter the real money games you will have to watch out for online poker sharks.

What are They Called Poker Sharks?

You can get sharks in any online card games. These are basically players who are really very good who circle around the lower level tables looking for weaker prey. They want to use players with less experience and skill to boost their own bankroll. These players are common in online betting rooms as it is so much easier to hide your intentions when you are an anonymous online player. Poker sharks are only interested in the money and can suck all of the enjoyment out of the game for beginners.

Beginners Beware

It is fair play to lose to another more experienced player. Online poker is a game of skill and chance after all so you cannot expect to win every time. However it is not fair for the good players to exclusively prey on those that are just starting out in the game. Of course most players will want to play easy opponents now and again to give their funds a necessary injection of poker cash. However they will also want more of a challenge and will play opponents that are of all skill levels.

Poker sharks just prey exclusively on weaker players. They lurk in the lower limit tables where they know they will find plenty of beginners to target. Here are some of the best ways to avoid them:

Evaluate Tables – you can watch tables in play before you join them on lots of big online gambling sites. This will allow you to spot if any of the players are obviously better than others. Watch how they behave and see if you want to avoid them and move on to a less risky table.

Make Notes – poker sites that offer player notes are essential for avoiding poker sharks. If you play someone who acts suspiciously put a note against their profile so that you can avoid them if you see them again. If everyone did this the sharks would soon find nobody to play with and would move on.

Knowing how to spot dangerous players online is an important part of the learning curve when it comes to using online casinos sites.

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