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Metal Detector | Video Slots | Online Slots | Vegas Regal Casino Metal Detector follow the “Metal dude” as he searches for lost items below the beach’s sands. A truly entertaining game with not one but TWO bonus rounds. Any 3 Maps triggers the 1st bonus round. Select one of many locations within a map to search for “Free Spins.” After a certain number of Free Spins have been awarded, selected from 4 areas where to dig. A random multiplier will appear for your Free Spins. The 2nd bonus round is just as fun. Select one out of 4 spots at the beach to dig for valuables. Earn huge bundles of coins if you select a lucky spot!

Online Casino Site: A Good Starter for Rookie Gamblers

If you intend to try to learn how gambling works, the best starting place for you are online casinos. Whether you are new to casino games or an expert to them, online casinos will still be able to offer superb quality entertainment in a relaxing environment by just clicking on your mouse. Moreover, online gambling sites are very ideal venues where you could gather enough experience and learn from more professional gamblers, see if the techniques you have learned are any good and even get all the excitement of gambling with real money.

Learning how casino games work out is already an enjoyment on its own. This is because there are a lot of options to choose from and you can play all of them for free. Also, online casino sites make it a point to make their system complement the needs of any first timers. This is exactly the kind of entertainment that a lot of people all throughout the globe are looking for.

Right from the very room that you stay, you get to enjoy casino gaming entertainment exactly how you would enjoy it in the traditional casinos. It would feel like there is no difference at all. With the kind of technology that we have now, the Internet, gaming software and the likes, it is really possible to enjoy online gambling along with all of these technological advancements.

Step by Step Mastery of the Whole Process

Mastering the art of gambling through online casinos is much better because it is very user-friendly. Unlike in the land-based casinos, casino sites offer a step by step guide that tells the player of the instructions of a certain game that he wants to learn. Then, there are also practices available that could help the player try out the instructions that he has learned together with the tricks of the game that he wants to use. Then, if he is ready, he can already start enjoying the real deal even with real money involved. To get you started with your quest in becoming a big name in online gambling, you need to get free downloadable casino games to practice on.

Start using the tricks that you already know and learn more in the process of playing. Players who frequent these gambling sites usually receive newsletters that gives player a trick or two every now and then.

Online casinos are also very generous as promos, bonuses and prizes come to players on a daily basis making the gaming experience more exciting. You even get free playing time which is very useful in helping you practice your strategies into perfection helping you boost your confidence the next time you gamble your money on a game. As long as you play in casino sites, you will never stop learning something new to improve your gaming style as live dealers in games such as blackjack and roulette give out gambling techniques every now and then that could be very useful in future tournaments.

This goes to show that as a player plays more, he would find himself gaining more confidence to play with real money. Moreover, the moment you register in a certain gambling site, you already give yourself the chance to win all the gifts and promos that only regular players get in the traditional casino.

The best online casinos can be found at:

Baccarat Strategy – A Simple Way To Win

Visit for more useful tips to win Baccarat.

Learn Baccarat Playing Rules

The rules on how to play baccarat is rather basic. If you are learning the simple and not intuitive rules then you should download the software package from any online casinos to play along. Most of the websites offer unlimited free play and some gaming sites even provide the availability of downloads including several online casino packages and tutorial style of baccarat programs. With the game downloaded from the online casino, along with the playing guide and game software, it will be much easier to learn. However, the tutorial software for baccarat may overcomplicate the learning system and is capable of making you feel very confused.

According to the baccarat rules, the payer will be given several choices of either betting on the player hand winning, banker hand winning or a draw between the two. Then two cards will be dealt to the banker and the player. You will win even money if the hand you bet wins. Even money bets are one-to-one, indicating that if you bet ten dollars, you will be paid ten plus ten so your profit will be equivalent to the amount you bet. However, if you bet for a tie and indeed it is one, then you will be paid eight-to-one, meaning if your bet is ten dollars and you win, you will receive your initial ten dollars as well as your profit of 80 dollars.

Further understanding on how to play baccarat is the scoring and goal. Your two-card hand is intended for trying to obtain a total close to nine. Face cards and tens are considered zero and with the exception of ace that is worth one. Any cards from two to nine are worth their figure value. These are really simple but there is one tricky section. There is no such thing called “busting hand” in blackjack, but in baccarat, there is. If your accumulated figure is a two-digit number then the first digit will be dropped. For instance if you obtain a pair of eights where the total should be 16, the count will turn to 6 as the 1 will be arbitrarily dropped.

If your cards lead to a total of 8 or 9 then the hand is clarified to be natural and wins, unless two naturals appear to be a tie. If one of the hands is natural and both hands stand then the natural hand will win. If there is no natural win on either of the total then another card will be drawn to every hand to resolve the winner. It is the baccarat rules that the winning banker hands to be taxed 5% by the casinos. Anyone can be the banker, not necessarily an employee of the casino. This is a good hint for any players as you are aware that if the casino takes a cut of a hand then that particular hand should possess a good winning chance.



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Safe Wagering on Online Casinos

A lot of people are really getting into the flow of the online casino trends. They are hooked to the games even though there are many times that luck is not in their way, and they end up losing a lot on their accounts. Playing in the casino websites both consist of luck and skills in playing, and you can never tell that you are going to win more money at this day or not.

Since most casino games have some ways of taking your money away, it is always a good practice to know some essential playing and wagering strategies just to maximize your profits while playing in the casinos. Some people are known to be good in some particular games, but the reality is that they just happen to know some good strategies and apply it in the games, thus, knowing which decisions are good to make depending on the given situations.

What is Wagering

Betting on land-based and online casino games is commonly known in the term “Wagering”. If you want to make sure that you will not end up losing all of your money just for nothing, always remember that wagering is a very important part of playing, for you can either end up winning or losing your bets. Aside from the games, you can also wager on sporting events such as which team or player will emerge victorious in the game or which one will reach the finish line first in a race. Online betting sites and sportsbooks often handle these betting transactions.

Safe Online Casino Wagering

Wagering on the casino websites comes with a risk of losing and a hope for winning money. Before you start wagering on online casino games, you have to know some important things to maximize your winnings and to minimize your losses. Here is a checklist of what you have to do:

Know the game – make sure that you are familiar with whatever game you plan to play and place your bets on. There are lots of online casino game guides and reviews to help you better cope up on how to play particular casino game.

Know the house rules – aside from knowing how to play the game, you also have to know what are the rules or each game or the online casino. This includes game wagering limits and the specific rule assigned to the game, such as “dealer stands on all 17? on an online blackjack game.

Know the house edge – most casino games offer a variety of betting options, such as in online craps. Considering the house edge of each bet is very important, because the house edge (displayed in percentages) is the estimated amount that more or less will be taken by the casino in the long run. Betting on lower house edge is a very good decision to make in order to let you stay on playing the game for longer.

Aside from knowing some of these tips, you have to always remember how to gamble responsibly. Set an amount that you can afford to lose, and only play on online casino games when your mind is fully concentrated to gambling, without any influence from personal issues, chemicals, etc.

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Join The Crystal Symphony For An Exceptional Cruise Experience

Upon launching their first ship in 1990, Crystal Cruises has established themselves as one of the premier cruise lines in the world. A great deal of time and effort went into research in the years immediately preceding the launch of their first ship. Crystal Cruises was backed financially by NYK Line and organized and designed by some of the most respected veterans of the cruise industry. Twenty years after the maiden launch of their first ship, the 48,621 ton vessel, Crystal Harmony, Crystal Cruises has been bestowed countless industry awards; including, “Best Large-Ship Cruise Line” by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine an incredible nine consecutive times.

Five years after the launch of the Crystal Harmony, Crystal Cruises introduced their second ship, the Crystal Symphony. In 2002, a third addition was made to the Crystal fleet, the Crystal Serenity. The construction of the Crystal Serenity incorporated many of the features of it’s predecessors just on a far grander scale. The Crystal Serenity was built at the renowned French Chantiers de l’Atlantique yard. It is a 68,870 ton vessel that is designed to carry 1,096 passengers in spacious and luxurious surroundings. The Crystal Serenity boasts having received the Fielding’s Guide to Luxury Cruises’ award for ‘World’s Best Large Luxury Ship” for four consecutive years, 2004-2007.

All three of the members of the Crystal Cruises fleet sail on worldwide itineraries often carrying passengers to some of the most exotic and exclusive harbors. The Crystal Cruises fleet provides guests with a wonderful experience that is very much a cross between the highest level of the premium mass market and super deluxe boutique ships.

I have personally been a guest on the Crystal Symphony on four separate cruises. I have taken countless cruises in my day and must admit that it is my favorite cruise ship and I never fail to have a memorable time. They offer incredible dining options and the service is simply without reproach.

The last cruise I took with the Crystal Symphony was late January with my wife, it was their Panama Canal Cruise. I took her on the cruise for her birthday. To my surprise, if you cruise on your birthday this year, Crystal Cruises will allow you to take another cruise at a 25% discount or a 50% discount if you are staying in a double cabin. The only catch is that you must take the next cruise before your next birthday comes around. My birthday is this September so we are planning on taking one of the Crystal Sympony’s Black Sea cruises.

Anyway, the Panama Canal cruise was fantastic. It was a 14-day trip that took us from Miami, through the Panama Canal and up to Los Angeles. I have actually been through the Panama Canal myself in the past and I wanted for my wife to experience it. The itinerary included Cozumel, Mexico; Grand Cayman; Caldera, Costa Rica; Acapulco and Cabo San Lucas.

The cruise was all that my wife anticipated for in a romantic cruise and more. Everything about the Crystal Serenity is top notch from the staff and the décor to the amazing food. Should you follow my advice and join the Crystal Serenity for a cruise, I highly recommend that you visit the Silk Road Restaurant.

There are plenty of activities available for both adults and children to keep everyone busy all day. The excursions were excellent and the beaches were sublime. The Silk Road Restaurant features menu selections from the world famous Nobu Matsuhisa. If you enjoy gambling, as I do, you will love their casino which includes slot machines, six blackjack tables, craps, baccarat table, roulette table and Texas Hold’em tables.

Well, that’s about all I have to say for now. I hope to see you this September on the Black Sea.